Maps Edit

A map of Meriga and other areas in North America

Other maps of the world (with a 50 m sea level rise) can be found here:

Locations Edit

Name in Star's Reach Present day name
Sisnaddi Cincinnati, Ohio
Shanuga Chattanooga, Tennessee
Melumi Bloomington, Indiana
Tenisi State of Tennessee
Joja State of Georgia
Cansiddi Kansas City, Missouri
Nuwinga New England
Cairline coast Carolina Cost
Deesee Washington, D.C.
Jinja State of Virginia
Lannic Coast Atlantic Coast
Meyco Mexico
Genda Canada
Cago Chicago
Tucki State of Kentucky
Nashul Nashville, Tennessee
Noksul Knoxville, Tennessee
Luwul Louisville, Kentucky
Mishga State of Michigan
Aiwa State of Iowa
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